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Re: What did you do to your xb today??

Originally Posted by Myopic View Post
Great work!

I should remember, but do not; do you have adjustable coil-overs, or did you use an insert to lift the coils? Also, when I had my 18's with 215/45 tires, I used a flat peen hammer to lower the fender well spots which rubbed. The metal there is malleable and will need touchup painting afterwards.

Post some pictures.

I have adjustable coilovers from Raceland. I figured instead of buying OEM shocks and struts, for a few extra bucks get adjustable coilovers. They do ride a little stiffer but thats fine with me for now.

I had to use a heat gun/bat combo on the pass rear fender. It was the only one rubbing on bumps vs both rears even though they were at the same height, so thats fine now. Besides the front was lower than the rear, so now its pretty even.

Iíll try to snap some pictures soon, I need to wash it too but this friggin heat (100į+) is brutal now that my tree shade is gone thanks to a wet and windy Mother Nature.

Originally Posted by dubeexb06 View Post
Great work there Franky !! Start looking for tires now as most places will have deals over labor day weekend with a gift card givin to you too !!!!!

I will soonish. I normally go to the tire store I worked at before since they usually give me a pretty good deal, but it never hurts to look around. Plus, I do want to swap my wheels to maybe a 16Ē wheel for more comfort/cushion so maybe that can be an option. My sister (previous owner) banged up the rims somethiní fierce, so its a little bumpy
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