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Red face Closest I've ever been to getting any XB! Need some help for some customizing.

I'm a few hours away from finally joining the XB club. Going back to my Credit Union later to fill out the paperwork, then have to fly a quarter across the country in a few days to pick it up and drive it back home (it would be a few hundred dollars more expensive to ship it when I did the math on comparing paying for a few fuel tanks of gas and making a road trip of it).

I joined this forum at the beginning of the decade with dreams of getting a 1st Gen since they first came out when I was in high school. I've been looking for a good 1st gen but they've been out for so long it's hard to find a decent one with mileage under 100k that isn't a stick or salvaged title. (I know how to drive stick and drove it for years, just prefer automatic at this stage and if I do drive stick again it's going to be with a muscle car).

The 2nd Gen has grown on me over the years, after actually getting to drive in a good friend's XB for a few hours.

After internet searching for a few weeks I finally found a great deal on a 2010 XB with less than 70k miles. I chose 2010 over 2011+ because I want to get custom grille on the front and the 2011 and afters pretty much got rid of that aesthetic.

Looking forward to driving this thing for many years to come when I get it. Will post updates when I finally get it.


Anyhow I have a few questions for suggestions!

1) I want a clean simple look since it's black. I was hoping someone could help direct me to options for Chrome Window Trim and Door Handles that aren't the adhesive stuff but actual parts? I remember reading on this forum years ago you could just order the Chrome Toyota Rumion Door Handles from Japan since they're the same car. Just would like to know where a good place to find them at online to buy them. I didn't see any of the OEM Rumion handles on eBay. Also haven't really looked for chrome window trim.

2) Suggestions for Rain/Guard Window Visors?

3) The 2010 I'm getting appears to have a non-touch screen bluetooth pioneer dash installed. Bluetooth is the only thing I use in the car with my iPod touch. Haven't used aux/headphone jack in years nor the radio unless I'm listening to a baseball game while driving. I'm looking to upgrade that in-dash for a touchscreen bluetooth system that also has rear camera with assisted parking lines on the camera? I've been driving rental cars for work for the last year now, and the assisted parking lines on the screen are so convenient than just seeing the video feed.

4) Suggestions for new wheels/tires that aren't the stock OEMs but a bit more stylish and won't sacrifice too much fuel economy? I will be driving this a bunch for work, which I'd say is about 45/55 highway-city ratio on my commute. I'm a traveling tennis coach, so I will have some cargo with me (not really heavy though, just a bag of tennis balls and racquets).

5) Seats. Unfortunately the 2008-2010 seats are pretty bland. Since this is my first time customizing any car let alone an XB, what do you guys suggest for possibly replacing the seats?

6) Cruise Control. This isn't a make or break thing, but as I said earlier I've been driving car rentals a lot in the last year for work, and having the steering wheel music playback controls on the wheel is great, but having the cruise control buttons on the wheel also is convenient. I see this cruise control is the old Toyota style with the cruise knob on the lower right behind the steering wheel. Was wondering if there exists any aftermarket steering wheels that include both cruise control and music playback controls? The rentals I've been driving were mostly Nissan Rogues or Hyundai's. So I haven't actually been in a Toyota that's newer than 2010 so I have no idea if Toyota still even uses the same cruise control setup they did with these cars or if they moved it to steering wheels.
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