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Re: What’s up guys?

Originally Posted by Ayecey View Post
Riiight? I think itís because itís so roomy but also fun to drive. I LOVE them. Mine actually started doing something really annoying though. If itís cold out and Iím driving and have the heater or defrost on at stop lights it will scream like a belt or pulley but as soon as I switch the heat off it stops. Sometimes it stops on its own when I get through first gear and push the clutch in to shift into second. Itís not all the time. Itís so annoying. I did a little searching and it may just be the belt or pulley needing to be tightened. 🏻 But Iím not sure. 🤔 and to be honest I donít use the arm rest at all. It actually gets in the way just because itís directly over the e-brake.
Well of course if you power slide with the e-brake it would get in the way. The defrost uses the a/c so when your belt squiks on defrost just turn the knob counterclockwise to switch it off. You can also use a belt spray, it will soften the belt and instantly stop the squick. Just a few sprays will stop it, dont actually soak it.

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