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Re: Southern Indiana newbie

Originally Posted by JPB View Post
Just wondering, is a left hand dipping headlamp lens going to work in a country where you drive on the right? The bB's headlamps dip to the left, which is fine here as we drive on the left so dip needs to be to the left, but as the bulb holders in bB headlamps have only one way in which to fit the lamp shells, and that way is to focus the low beams to the left, will you not in fact need to fit your original xB lens to the bB lamp shells?
The Philippines imported loads of bBs and crudely converted them to lhd, so crudely in fact that they left the gear shift lever on the same side of the column as it is on the original, RHD bB, but that country may be a good source of lhd lamps.
You made an excellent inquiry.

My JDM TYC projector headlamps came setup for a RHD Toyota BB. I opened them and reversed the slanted plate which blocks the light at the top right of the beams. This reversal resulted in the light being blocked at the top left of the beams and they now work correctly for a LHD Scion xB.

I do not know how, or if, any other brand of BB headlamps can be changed in this manner.
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