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Re: So i wanna confess.....i may have a problem....

Well i spent the weekend getting the scion put together. I swear the person who owned it never ever cleaned it and smoked like a freight train in it.

I replaced the drivers front and rear doors with the one on my parts car. Luckily it was camouflage too. The drivers side doors aparently met with a pillar at the gas station.

I replaced the cam sensor with one i had again on the parts car. Reset the lights on the dash. It is no longer throwing any codes.

I did not have a hatch handle on the parts car. The one that was on this xb was hanging by the wires. They even used sheetrock screws to try to hold it to the hatch. I had a red handle on one of my extra hatches in my stash. I had no camouflage paint to spray it so i painted it black instead.

I could not get the interior to stop stinking from the cigarette smell. I replaced the headliner, it was completely black from smoke. I litterally had to replace the headliner with one of the extra ones i had in my stash. I also replaced everything that was cloth in the interior. I took everything else out and bribed the kids with slushies to scrub it all with a brush, soap and water.

When driving it had a really bad vibration when and the steering wheel would jerk left and right quickly when driving. I replaced the steelies that were on it, all the tires were mismatched and bald. I swapped them with an extra set of steelies that had new tires on them. Problem with vibration ans steering solved. Apparently one of the old wheels were bent too.

Now all is good other than minor scratches and a ding here or there. The hoods clear coat is peeling on left and right side. I am gonna get some camouflage paint and gonna spray the hood, hatch handle and i have an extra wing for the hatch when i have time.

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I just got a call from a friend to go look at another one. Heading there now....
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