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Re: So i wanna confess.....i may have a problem....

Originally Posted by 42_Hugo View Post
I feel that the correct word would be PASSIONATE.

We all have hobbies. It just so happens that its one that you can afford. Or so it seems. If buying all those xb's is interfering with your families welfare (living,food,clothing,utilities). Then my friend, I'd say we need to get you some help.

I have an 05 that I really want to mod out, "but the way my bank is set up...."lol. Kevin Hart reference in case I didn't quote it right.
Its is my daily, that I love from its paint chipped front lip to its dipped tail trim. Dipped hubs to its faded oxidized rubber window trim. Its not the best out here in Washington, non the less, you can find me on 167 during rush hours with my windows down blastin my 15 like its the best box out here.

We here on the forum, are here not cause we want to belong, but more that we feel a certain emotion for these rides that I can only describe as PASSION.

Bless up BOX FAM. Have an awesome weekend, and a safe 4th of July.

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Sent from my LG-M210 using Tapatalk

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