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Re: Help...ripped the handle off my hatch...

Thank god you posted this.

Last week this happened to me. What a day, too.

First day at a new job downtown, I go to my car to run an errand during lunch. Hey, it won't start. I pop the hood and see corrosion on the positive terminal of my battery. Ok, that's not so bad, run to the back of my car to grab my cleaner kit (I've only really had old junkers before this) and when I grab the hatch it pulls right off. I grumble a bit, tape it back on and clean up the battery.

Well, it turns out the battery is dead. I can jump it and get it to O'Reilly and buy a new one no problem, though. I also grab some epoxy while I'm there. I try to get it stuck back on, but no dice. Now it's toast. I'll have to dissolve the epoxy on the car side of the hatch and buy a new handle.

Meanwhile, I try to wash epoxy off my hands and my big dumb feet break tile underneath the bathroom sink. This causes me to bend over and knock the nearby dish soap bottle and pop the cap clean off. Next thing you know I'm just on the sofa scrubbing away when I hear something below me give and the sofa sinks down a bit.

Really a delightful day.

Anyway, none of that is relevant, but this is a real lifesaver.
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