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Re: What did you do to your xb today??

Originally Posted by bunghole View Post
What can you buy now that's better in its class.
We didn't personally look at anything in the same class. My wife really wanted a GTI, but really wanted a car with a trunk again. That is why we went with the GLI.

And "in its class" is probably something very subjective when it comes to the xB. For instance, I don't consider the Gen 2 to be the same class of car as the Gen 1.

Off the top of my head, the obvious closest option to a Gen 1 would be the Nissan Cube (which I believe is going away) and Kia Soul.

The not so obvious spiritual successors could be the Ford Transit Connect and the Nissan NV200.

Bottom line is, Scion's current line up is pathetic. The one saving grace is the FR-S. Nothing else from the brand has any soul, and the brand has completely lost direction. The article in the link below from Jalopnik is actually a pretty good commentary on the current state of Scion and one man's view on how to fix it (at a very low relative cost). I happen to agree with his approach.

Scion Sucks Because We're All Cowards But I Can Fix It
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