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Re: What did you do to your xb today??

Originally Posted by Lady Meg View Post
Finally washed my Dirty Toaster, although I can't say it did much good.

I got stuck behind some tanker truck a few weeks ago, going through a construction area at night, and didn't notice until the next morning that the damn things was leaking oil all over my Polar White. I didn't even see it until I got to work the next morning (sorry, but getting my toddler in the car each morning is absolute chaos and requires my FULL undivided attention), and haven't had the opportunity to wash it until TODAY.

And the oil stains aren't coming out. I gather that by now they are IN the paint. I experimented with some clay, to no avail.

PLEASE HELP??!?!?!?!

Dings and chips in my paint, especially the front end, I can tolerate because it's too late. But this disgustingness that looks like some kid just decided to dribble dark grey paint all over the front end and across my hood and streak down the sides of my car.... I feel like I've let my poor Dirty Toaster down.
Oil removes oil, WD40 on a soft cloth should melt it away easily. Meguiar's cleaner/polish also works well, with a little more rubbing.
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