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How to post/attach pictures on this site.

How to post pictures on this site.

FYI: Any picture exceeding the size limit for this site will be automatically resized.

A. Host Account
B. Attachment
C. Internet

A. Downloading images from your computer, to host account, and to post on the forum.

Step 1
Locate the image on the computer hard drive that is to be posted.

Step 2
Host the image that is to be posted. There are many image hosting services on the Internet that can accomplish this task such as, Photobucket or ImageShack. Follow the steps on the hosting site that was chosen and upload the image from your computer.

Step 3
Obtain the source address for the image. Once the image is hosted it now has a source address. The source address is the images location on the host server. A source address appears similar to an Internet site address with one exception there is no www in the source address.

Step 4
Insert the source address inside image markup tags. Markup tags are what enable the blogs and message boards to differentiate the image from regular typed text. An example of these tags is between the following quotation marks "[IMG] insert web source address [/IMG]" or use the "Image Icon" from our forums reply box. See picture below. By using this method, you will not need to use the img tag. "[IMG][/IMG]"

Step 5
Click "Preview Message/Post" to make sure that you have uploaded the picture properly before submiting your message.

Step 6
If everything is good, then click "Submit Message/New Thread" and you're done.

FYI: You can practice by sending yourself a Private Message.

B. Downloading images from your computer, to post on the forum via “Attachment”
FYI: By using "Attachment", your picture image will come out to be a thumbnail size.

Step 1
Click "Manage Attachments" from your reply box.

Step 2
Click "Browse" and choose the picture from your computers hard drive, then click "Upload" to upload picture.

C. Posting Images from the Internet

Step 1
Locate the image on the Internet that will be posted.

Step 2
Obtain the source address of the image. Select the Image and right click. From the menu select properties. In the property display box select and highlight the address. Right click the mouse and select copy.

Step 3
Paste the source address into an image tag as follows between the quotation marks: "[IMG]insert web source address[/IMG]" and then post it.

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