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Scion xB Sponsored Sales & Specials Scion xB Sales & Specials brought to you by our Vendors. Lets show some support to the companies that keep this site online.

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Attention Vendors: Please read!

Please keep your product threads in the Vendor's forums.

Vendor Policy

Though we do have paying advertisers who help support our site, we do not allow the promotion of products and services in our public forums. Our forums are not to be used as a means to produce revenue for your business. Do not use our public forums to announce new products, pricing, availability, market feedback, etc. This applies to ALL vendors who participate on our site - both sponsors and non-sponsors. Sponsors are allowed to promote their business in our Vendors forum ONLY. They are not to discuss their products outside that forum.

1. No spam, self promotion or advertising of products you sell or services you provide outside the vendor forum in any way - PERIOD. Soliciting our members via the Private Message feature or Email Feature of our website is also strictly against the rules and can get you banned instantly. Do not send any unsolicited messages to our members.

2. Mentioning your products in a thread where a user is not specifically asking about your products is prohibited. When a member does ask about your products, keep the discussion tech-related. There should be no mention of pricing, product availability, ordering info, contact info, etc outside the Vendor's forum.

3. We don't allow customer service discussions in the forums. Resolve all issues outside of our forums.

Sponsors do receive the special privilege of posting in the Vendor Announcement forum, but the rules above apply to everyone. Our moderating team will remove all content that we feel violates this policy in the public forums. This means that messages containing spam-like content will be edited or removed completely. If the vendor continues to violate the policy, they may be temporarily suspended or banned permanently. If you want to get the word out about your products/services or your business. Do not use our forums as a marketing tool.
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