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Re: xB's euro cousin: Toyota Yaris Verso/FunCargo

Talking of long drives, a friend of mine here from Norway bought a 1983 Winnebago on ebay, it was located in California. The RV was cheap enough, but when he was quoted shipping by boat to Norway from Cali, they wanted over $15,000 to ship it! That was 3 times as much as the cost of the RV.. End of the story was that he (and a friend) took a month off work, flew to California and drove the car to New Jersey, where shipping to Norway cost just $2500.

I was invited to join, but the though of driving that distance in a 30 year old camper van that had been off the road for 10 years prior to this, was mixed.. I'd love a road trip in the states, but not in a old Breaking Bad meth lab on wheels

But back to the FunCargo "restauration". The headlights were in such a bad shape that they looked almost frosted.

But with a bit of wetsanding, and polishing it looked promising:

wetsanded the whole headlight in preparation to polishing it to a shine again

Turned out pretty good!

I'm no detective, but when you find window tint in a knot on the divider wall inside, and the car has no tint on, I think this was a last cry of a failed effort

More to follow!
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