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Re: xB's euro cousin: Toyota Yaris Verso/FunCargo

A project thread is no fun without pics! Lots and lots to grab hold of on this car, as it hasn't been well taken care of over the years.

I started with washing it properly. The OEM steelies looked like this:

Sprayed them with some German Scholl Rim 7 wheel cleaner, doing its magic here:

The germans don't mess around, so by just powerwashing them they turned out like this:

Sprayed the rest of the car with degreaser, it didn't look dirty before starting, but it dissolved a lot of dirt anyway:

Powerwashed the car again, then washed it with soapy water and washmitt. Rinsed it off and on to the next step. Used a product called Bilt Hamber Korrosol, that removes/dissolves metallic particles on the paint and wheel. From brake pads/discs and studded tires not least. This is a clear liquid that turns purple when it reacts with metallic particles. Usually you see some slight coloration on the wheels and maybe on the lower side of the body sides.

Well on this car it looked like a bloodbath!

You know the car has not been cleaned for a while when you have to remove moss from the inside of the door

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Originally Posted by Icedragon View Post
I dig it! Definitely looking forward to see what you do with this, cousin.
Thanks! Looking forward to begin modding it, I just have to make it in order first.

Btw, North Dakota? If I ever get to travel to the US, that is where I would feel most at home I think. As one in five is of Norwegian heritage
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