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xB's euro cousin: Toyota Yaris Verso/FunCargo

Hi! Making a project thread on my little breadbox that I recently bought. I would love to have a xB/bB, but sadly they were never sold here in Europe. I'm from Norway. But we did get a car built on the same platform, called the Yaris Verso (Toyota FunCargo in Japan). And a few weeks ago I bougth one!

It's not in great shape, but it will be with time, effort and off course, money

Over here, when you scrap a car the gov pays you about $500. But car dealerships often have sales campaigns where you get $2-3000 in trade-in for your old "wreck" as long as it is road legal and registered, if you buy a brand new car. This is a car like this. I bought it "as is" for about $800 That included the $220 in fees to change ownership of the car.

This is what I picked up from the dealership, it must have been a couple of years since it was washed:

The car is registered as a 2-seater "van" with a metal divider between passenger and cargo area. It has most probably spent most of it life delivering pizzas as a commercial vehicle.

Now it will be fixed up, vinyl wrapped. lowered and all the rest of the things necessary to make it a cool company car for my signmaker/car graphics business. Can't wait
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